Raisin Water Can Help Cleanse and Detox The Liver

The liver is one of the largest and most important organs in the body, and without it, we would be filled with toxic substances that we would be unable to digest. The liver is responsible for creating bile that breaks down fat to convert into energy. It plays an important role in balancing our blood sugar levels. It even takes toxic substances that we put in our bodies and either converts them into things our body can use, or it breaks them down enough for our bodies to dispose of them in the form of waste.

However, we often take our livers for granted by putting harmful substances in our bodies like excess amounts of alcohol. There is even a condition known as Non-Alcoholic Liver Disease that can be caused by consuming products with added sugar, fried foods, excess salt and red meat. These things have been shown to cause liver damage over time, and are things that people consume frequently without thinking of it.

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